That's what we believe in!


Safe, Secure, Solid. That's what we believe in!

With more than 40 years of experience on the counter, Rofix is your partner for fixings for plumbing, HVAC and precast concrete elements.
As a 2nd generation family business we strongly believe that as a flexible, reliable partner we can make the winning difference for you.

Our products originate from the ideal mix of market demand coupled with our own many years of expertise in R&D and production. We have our own in-house department that is responsible for development AND quality control throughout the production processes.

In consultation with various inspection bodies, we ensure that Rofix customers can rely on our products. Safe, Secure, Solid!
From our sites in Belgium and Poland, we can serve you in the best possible way with our safe, secure and reliable products. Because that's what we stand for: Safe, Secure, Solid!

“For more than 40 years, Rofix is your partner in fasteners and fixings for plumbing, HVAC and prefab concrete solutions. In this area, there is nothing we can't fix!"



Metal fastners for construction

The Rofix range can best be described as metal fastners for construction. Started as a specialist in the istallation of radiators, the link was soon made to the fastners of the pipes. Over the years, the range has expanded further in the sanitary and HVAC sector.

A number of our products are also used in the electrical sector as well as in joinery. Because of the extensive machinery and in-house expertise, Rofix is flexible to design, develop and produce your product at the right price quality!